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Health Benefits Of Fonio

At last, Nigerian government have recognised the health benefits of fonio and other indigenous foods.

The quest to promote agriculture as the bedrock of the economic diversification agenda, the Standards Organisation of Nigeria (SON), has coordinated the drafting of five new standards on indigenous foods.

SON’s Food Technology group have listed the five new standards to include standard for packaged millet flour for pap, standard for corn pap powder, standard for packaged sorghum powder for pap, standard for fonio flour (Acha flour) and standard for Acha.

Fonio acha is one of the most ancient African grains and one of the smallest members of the millet family, fonio flourishes in poor soil and bad weather conditions.

The tiny seeds of fonio are nutrition powerhouse and rich in protein, offering 12 grams per cup as well as essential amino acids including methionine and cysteine.

Fonio has a low glycemic index and plenty of fiber, which makes it an ideal food choice for diabetics suffers as well as those concerned with high blood sugar levels.

Its especially high iron, calcium and phosphorus content make it a great food choice for all women, especially those who are pregnant.

This wondeful little grain is known in African continent as the Seed of the Universe. It is easy to digest and therefore of benefit to those with sensitive stomachs, and particuarly the elderly.

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Fonio 101: Benefits, How to Prepare & 5 Recipes! - Blessed love you all! In this video Akeem Pierre go over all things fonio including benefits, how to prepare and 5 different recipes. This is one of Akeem's favourite foods and ways make use or utilize fonio:

#1: Porridge recipes
#2: Add fonio to Smoothies
#3: Served with favorite Stew Recipe:
#4: Added to Stew Recipe: You could add 1/3 cup of coconut milk & mix well.
#5: Add to Salads: Cook fonio and when cooled add or sprinkle on your salads.
Be creatives, there are many possibilities: Make fonio as you Make Grits or Fonio Fritters - cook fonio and mix with some vegetables.

How to cook a fonio?
It's a super super easy!
Step 1: Put one third of a cup of fonio
Step 2: Add one cup of water
Step 3: Or add three times as water
Step 4: Cook until all the water is absorb
Step 5: Note that if you have too much of water, you can add little bit more fonio or too much fonio, you can add little bit more water.

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Fonio Jollof | Superfood | West African Grain | Gluten Free | Great for Diabetics | Healthy Eating - Fonio: A lot of people don't know much about this super food.
Fonio is a West African grain. It's been cultivated in Africa for thousands of years.
16 benefits of fonio which include:-
 a gluten-free grain,
 a vegan fonio recipes,
 has almost all of the essential amino,
 high in protein,
 tolerated by diabetics,
 absorbs into the body more gradually,
 help to manage glucose levels and minerals that decrease inflammation,
 a healthy energy booster,
 decrease chances of cardiovascular issues like heart disease,
 strength hair and nails,
 detox the body,
 aids in digestion,
 contains a large quantity of fiber,
 with a low glycemic index and a rich nutrient profile,
 packed with vitamins,
 higher in protein than Tef and Quinoa.

Fonio also helps farmers in drought-prone regions generate a sustainable income for their communities.

In this fonio jollof video, Ashanti Queen shares her experience on different ways to prepare it.

Uses of Fonio:
 Can be eaten as a cereal
 Put in stir fry and salads
 Made as a side dish
 Replacement for rice in risotto
 There are so many delicious ways to cook fonio acha.

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How to prepare fonio - This video shows you how to prepare the grain fonio. This was created for Earth's Goodness by Matthew Noel and

NOTE: The Video Does Not Show How To Cook Fonio, but a short video for the company Earth's Goodness on how to get it ready before you cook it.

When you purchase a husks fonio most of the shaft has already been removed through the milling process, but you still wants to rinse your fonio to remove any remaining particles.

Step 1: Measure any desire fonio into a bowl.

Step 2: Add a glass to cover the fonio by several inches. Wait to see the grain settle to see the husky or shaft particles floating on top of the water.

Step 3: These can simply be pour off. You can rensing it a second time if you want. Swanley the water a bits. If your fonio recipes called for the fonio been drain, be sure to use a fine-mesh sieve or strainer. Pour out the water.

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Fonio Chicken Curry - Telande World has a mission to be able to fundamentally change the way other people appreciates and also engages an African food. Plus to be able to do this, Telande introduce innovative and also exceptional methods items may be exploited and also unconventionally manipulated.

People who are vegan or enjoying naturally glute free fonio can easily adapts to recipes which call for couscous or quinoa or rice.

Where couscous or rice is bland and quinoa is somewhat muddy in taste, acha fonio has a nutty flavor that nicely complements vegetables and fruits.

It is good to toast the acha fonio grain before cooking enhances the flavor profile and helps prevent the small grains from becoming mushy when cooked in liquid.

Using blender or grinder to finely ground fonio acha becomes a versatile all purpose gluten-free flour,which can be used in baking, as well as to add layers of taste, texture and nutritionto any recipe.

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Fonio Porridge l Easy Oatmeal Replacement l Ital & Alkaline l AA. Ep. 17 l High Protein Vegan Recipe -
Simple wholeness fonio porridge. In this video, Akeem Pierre is back with another easy and delicious recipe!

This easiest Fonio Porridge is a staple within Akeem Pierre's household because of just how easy-to-do its To Be Able To make and as well as just how nutrient dense this is!

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Dr Sebi said FONIO is one of The Healthiest Grains in the World -
You can cook fonio using fire wood. We ate fonio the same way others would eat rice. You can serve it steamed. accompanied with a variety of offerings such as:
 a freshly pounded egwusi soup or vegetables soup,
 palm kernel red nut with ugu leaf ("ofe akwu");
 bright red palm nut sauce;
 a generous and creamy peanut and root vegetable topping;
 a rich caramelized onion and lime relish;
 a red palm oil and sweet potato leaves stew;
 or a gooey okra sauce with lamb, fish, seafood, or vegetables.

How to Prepare the Perfect Fonio how-to-prepare-the-perfect-fonio

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How to Prepare the Perfect Fonio - by Ascendedbeing9.

Fonio Preparation

Fonio comes in different forms and namely: raw, couscous and milled floor. The fonio couscous version is convenient, you're cooking is partially to experimenting with the raw produced in the same way they use other grains.

For example, cooking jollof rice; trying to make fonio jollof or spaghetti jollof?

You should be able to build a recipe from the bottom up and cook the fonio according to specification is the key to layering flavour and texture.

All raw fonio you buy should be clean and ready to use straight out of the bag - no rinsing is required.

Feel free to clean it if there is need, or to cook your fonio and freeze ahead of time to speed up meal preparation time.

When a fonio acha is toast, it brings out its nutty flavor and helps the tiny seeds absorb liquid to become soft without disintegrating. Bare in mind that food in its most natural state is always best for our bodies.

Fonio is one of the food that is usually sold online at Amazon or at market place, and shown below is the ingredients and preparation methods of how you could make it.

Fruity Fonio Acha Cereal Ingredients Quantities
Water or hemp milk 6 cups of liquids
Coconut milk 1/2 cup
Raw acha fonio 1 cup
Mixed berries 1 cup
Natural honey 4 teaspoon

Preparation Methods for Fonio
Try hemp milk or coconut milk or any alkaline milk instead of water for an even creamier treat. Bring a pan with liquids toa boil
Add acha fonio and gently stir until it has a creamy consistency
Add rge mixed fruit, e.g. blue berries or black berries and blend until smooth
Top with a natural honey and serve
Serve fruity fonio acha cereal to taste.

How to Make Fonioin the Microwave
Put raw fonio acha 1/2 cup in a bowl
Add and stir a teaspoon (tsp) of oil into bowl until grains are well coated
Add a pinch of sea salt
Add water 1 cup and stir well
Cover tightly with plastic wrap
Cook for 2 minutes
Let it sit for two minutes, covered
Fluff with a fork
Serve hot or cold & enjoy!

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Fonio - The Most Versatile Grain - In this video, BTHYSELF take the opportunity to dive further into the realm of Fonio, a superfood primarily cultivated from West Africa. Bthyself speak more on the grain itself and show two basic ways on how you can prepare it.

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Cooking Fonio al Senegal with Chef Pierre Thiam - At New York (NY) Travel Festival 2014 through a dish made of acha fonio, an ancient African grain. Pierre Thiam is a great and very creative chef.

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EPIC Fonio Stew Recipe - Almost Alkaline EP.02 - In this video, Akeem Pierre cook one of his favourite plant-based recipes to eat this fall season. If you haven't tried fonio yet, it's about time! So easy to make but yet so delicious! Fonio Stew with Acorn Squash Stuffed. Akeem know you're going to love this one!

Preparation Methods for EPIC Fonio Stew Recipe
 Fonio acha (hungry rice)
 Eggplant (Note: hybrids and acidic)
 Red & Green Onions
 Coconut Milk
 Sea Salt
 Tandoori Masala
 Red Palm Oil

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Fonio Morsel - Get ready to start making acha fonio morsel after watching the video. Perhaps, you could try making the porridge. The video does not show how to wash acha.

Have you ever eaten a swallon food before? I don't mean swallow food Nigeria! Fonio acha can change the the world. Fonio is a delicious, nutritious health food alternative.

For those of you who have not eaten a swallon food before or who have never heard of acha, fonio acha is a tiny grain, roughly the size of quinoa, that is as versatile as rice or quinoa, and has a delicious, slightly nutty flavor.

It's incredibly easy to cook, and difficult to getwrong -so much so that there is a popula saying... "Acha fonio never embarrasses the cook". Because it is light and easy to digest, acha can be eaten alone or mixed with almost anything.