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What is Electric Foods?
We (fonio acha team) are big fan of Electric Foods and Fonio Acha grain is an electric food, and is one of the top five foods in the world. Electric foods are alkaline foods which help the body to heal and nourish itself.

Where is electric foods found?
Electrics foods are found in nature forest jungle, non-hybrid, not genetically modified and non-irradiated.

Electric food help to increase the copper within the nervous system thus a greater use of one's brain and senses.

Live food is living food that can be group into six categories of foods that are not necessaries good for human consumption, and consists of:-
  • Live Foods - Life from life
  • Raw Foods - Life is a process
  • Dead Foods - Death from death
  • Hybrid Foods - Laboratory made
  • Genetically Modified Organisms (GMOs) Foods - Laboratory made
  • Drugs - Laboratory made

Live Foods  are foods which can still live when not eaten,
 are non-toxic when fermented,
 are perishable when removed from its habitat,
 contain all elements need in the digestive process,
 are balanced with a pH (potential of Hydrogen) close to seven like water,
 are meant to be eaten one type at a time (mono diet).

 For Examples: Fresh picked herbs, greens tree-ripened fruit, vine-ripened fruit, sprouted seeds, grains, nuts, legumes, etc.
Raw Foods  are preserved and processed live foods,
 Raw foods are under cooked, dehydrated or sun-dried,
 Raw foods contain most of the elements needed in the digestive process,
 Decompose very quickly if not dehydrated or fermented.

 For Examples: Dehydrated fruits or vegetables, Roasted/baked fruit and vegetables, Stir-fried lively coloured fruit and vegetables, Lightly steamed lively coloured fruit and vegetables, Raw unfiltered vinegar juice,naturally fermented foods as sauerkraut, stout beer,Unleavened bread, Flat bread, crackers,etc.
Dead Foods  Dead foods have living material extracted, no life
 Dead foods are toxic when fermented
 Dead foods have along shelf life
 Dead foods have no elements needed for digestion
 Dead foods are overcooked, over-processed living waste matter
 Acid forming

 For Examples: Fried anything especially deep fried - chips, chicken, vegetables...
Overbaked, over-roasted (nuts), pasteurized
Chemically extractions such as alcohol, sugars, salts, vinegar acids especially distilled
Synthetic foods
Leavened bread with any yeast product/by-product.
Hybrid Foods  Are man-made mechanical mixture or cross breeding or cross pollenated foods which do not naturally occur
 Cannot grow in the wild or reproduce (many are seedless)
 Are grafted by people and can only be grown be people
 are extremely imbalance in mineral and vitamin ratios
 imbalances cause mineral deficiency (bone loss)
 sugars are not recognized by the digestive system (pancreas and liver)

 For Examples: Pinklady, gala, Fuji , braeburn apples,
Mineola, tangelo oranges, yellow corn
Seedless fruits: grapes, cucumbers, squash, melon
Cross-bred animals: Cows, pigs, sheep, chickens, mule, cat, dog,
Carrots, cassava, yam, beets, celery, garlic,
Aloe vera, Echinacea, Peppermint, Don quai (Chinese angelica), Comfrey, Chamomile, Goldenseal, Noni, Wheat grass, etc.
Genetically Modified Organisms (GMOs) Foods  Are man-made foods modified onthe genetic level with plant and animals genes.
 Cause genetic defects with in the human body
 Destroys the immune system thus causing addiction
 Do not assimilate to the body thus having a toxic effect like eating plastic
 Create unnatural behaviours in people and animals

 For Examples: Weather resistant foods
Insect resistant foods
Fast growing foods,
Corn, wheat, soy, yeast, brown rice, tomatoes, canola oil, coffee, chocolate, etc.
Drugs  Are toxic material to the body.
 Are concentrated dose of a single substance matter (sugar from beets or cocaine from cacao)
 Are extracted or synthetic matter
 Cause extreme deficiency and addiction.

 For Examples: Synthetic or extracted vitamins, nutrients.
Cocaine, heroin, purple pill, sugar, white flour, white rice, white corn
All prescription drugs, USP (United States Pharmacopeial Convention, Incorporated) certified products, Vaseline/Petroleum jelly, MSG (Monosodium glutamate), long chemical compound name

Breakthroughs in Fonio Handling

Ancient African Grain

We (fonio acha team) are over the moon because of the invention of the Fonio Husking machine by Sanoussi Diakite. Why?

Because one of the major problem with many of Africa's grains, for example, acha fonio, finger millet and Ethiopian teff, is that they have tiny seeds.

Fonio husking machine | Fonio husk | Acha husk ash
Fonio Husking machine by Sanoussi Diakite
Fonio Husking machine by Sanoussi Diakite

Size alone is holding these crops back. Small seeds create many difficulties.

They are hard to store and hard to handle because they pour uncontrollably through even the smallest holes.

They also make the crop difficult to plant because the soil must be very finely textured, and the seeds must be placed precisely at just the right depth.

Moreover, because the emerging seedlings are small and weak, they are easily smothered by weeds. As a result, we’re over the moon on a roof top trying to introduce fonio acha to the rest of the world.

What We Do: We are generally friends, we're a family, we're passionate! Therefore, people looking for a way to definately bring Fonio to be able to those that dare fall inside enjoy using it!

What We Offer: Fonio Acha! We wants you to replace eating cassava with fonio acha. Fonio is alkaline food made by God and cassava is acidity food made by Man in the laboratory.

Who We Are: We're Fonio Acha Team based in United Kingdom (Europe) and Nigeria (Africa).

Fonio millet | Fonio husking machine for sale | Organic hulled millet
Fonio husking machine for sale & fonio millet
Fonio Millet | Fonio Husking Machine by Sale | Organic Hulled Millet

Fonio seed cleaning machine | Fonio millet cumin seed cleaning equipment
Fonio seed cleaning machine
A wide variety of fonio seed cleaning machine options are available to you.

We hope you find the information we provide valuable and helpful.

All the best,
Fonio Acha.com Team